Compression Shirts For Men

Spanx For Men Compression Undershirts and Underwears Review

Spanx mainly manufactures body shaping undergarments exclusively for women, but has now released body shaping undergarments for men.  Specifically, undershirts and underwears.

Spanx For Men Undershirts

There are two sets of compression undershirts that caters for the needs of men.  The first is called Zoned Performance Undershirts.  These are specially made for men who are active in sports.  Made from spandex nylon, the fabric is able to wick moisture away from your body, provide better mobility, and comfortability at the same time.  The undershirt also compresses your torso and chest.  This will improve your physical features making you look good and feel good.  The Zoned Performance Undershirt boasts a Breatheasy mesh that cools your underarms and back for maximum comfort.  Color variants for this shirts are white or black.  Price ranges from $75 – $78 for a brand new one.

The second is Cotton Compression Undershirt.  Designed to narrow your waistline and flatten your stomach, this undershirt is perfect for men who have a round body or flabby body proportions.  These shirts are made from cotton which makes it moisture absorbent and comfortable for everyday wear.  This undershirt can help improve your posture, eliminate bulky parts of your body, and firm your chest.  Colors vary from white, gray, and black.  Price ranges from $55 to $58.

Both undershirts have small, medium, large, XL, and XXL sizes to choose from.  Both have crew, v-neck, and tank styles available.

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Spanx For Men Underwear

Spanx underwears for men are in stores now as well.  You can select from either boxer or brief underwears.  They are made from cotton and a Breatheasy mesh fabric that gives you the perfect fit & cool feel.  It also has contoured pouch that helps wick away moisture from your groin for comfort and breathable fit.  Color variety is white or black only.  The price for a boxer is $48 and for the brief is $38.

Spanx For Men should be available in your local men’s clothing stores.  If not, you can buy or order online through the official Spanx website or a verified Amazon / Ebay reseller of Spanx Undergarments For Men.

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