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Adidas Compression Shirts: TechFit and Powerweb

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Adidas is one of the top-of-the-line sports attire manufacturing company which gives you the reason and confidence to buy from them. The question is, “What kind of shirts are you looking for?”  If you are looking for Adidas compression shirts that will help improve your performance while doing sports or any physical training, then get the ones that are indicated as Techfit and/or Powerweb. These are the skin tight and form fitting shirts you need for endurance training, running, working out, and doing any sports activities.

Adidas TechFit Compression Shirts
All TechFit products are compressive and tight products.  This technology maximizes the power you generate by improving muscle support and balance, joint alignment, and posture.  These give you more power or speed in running, lateral or side movements in tennis, stopping and starting in football & soccer, or lifting in weight training.  In addition, it has Climate fabric technology that drives sweat away from your skin.  This is what will keep you dry and comfortable.

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Adidas TechFit Powerweb Compression Shirts
Powerweb shirts are technically TechFit shirts that have Powerbands added to them for more compression power and performance. The Thermoplastic Polyurethane Powerbands act like springs that store energy during movement and gives it back when released.  They are considered as high performance training apparel that improves body stability, posture, and muscle recovery because of its higher compression capabilities.

A Powerweb shirt also has a Climacool technology woven into the shirt.  It keeps you cool by allowing cool air to flow in, and sweat and heat to flow out.  This enables you to concentrate on your game.  These shirts also boast a Formotion technology that follows the overall form of your body even while you are moving.

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