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How To Hide Your Excess Skin After A Gastric Bypass Surgery

The guy in the video just had a gastric bypass surgery.  AJ lost 167 pounds due to the surgery which results to having excess skin.  He shows how to hide your excess skin through a compression shirt.  The one he uses is from Underworks.  As you can see there is an instant and visible difference from wearing a compression shirt. The shirt is long enough to be pulled past the lower abdomen so it won’t roll up.

If you have a problem with loose skin, belly fat, or gynecomastia, a compression shirt can be worn to shape your tummy and improve your form.  As you continually lose weight, the shirt will force your body to adjust as your size gets smaller.  It is advised that you buy the shirt size according to your current weight.

The featured Underworks shirt is less than $30 making it very affordable compared to having a skin removal surgery.

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