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Compression Undershirt That Hides Your Stomach

Do you have a bulging belly that you need to hide immediately? If you had lost some pounds, have stomach hernia, or just want to smooth out fatty areas of your torso, then this is the compression undershirt for you.  The cool thing about this girdle shirt is that it is practically invisible if worn as an undershirt.  But what you will like the most about this shirt are the compliments you will be getting.  Compliments like, “Have you been working out?” or “Wow! You look slimmer and younger”.

See This Compression Undershirt That Hides The Stomach

Here are some of the benefits of wearing this compression girdle / gynecomastia undershirt which are based on customer reviews:

  • Compresses your midsection, love handles, and chest
  • Great alternative to a hernia belt
  • Comfortable enough to be worn to sleep
  • Smooths out upper body imperfections
  • Boosts your self confidence
  • Look fit, toned, and muscular
  • Reduce chubby, bloby or flabby look
  • Prevents you from slouching and improves your posture
  • Provides back support and relieves back pain
  • Helps keep pants in place and enables you to wear your suits again
  • Reminds you to lose the extra weight
  • No one will know your secret to your trimmed down look!


  • Some difficulty in putting it on (especially for first timers)
  • Shirt rides up occasionally (needs to be pulled down from time to time)
  • Additional stomach padding is noticeable (if you get the white version)
  • Adds extra body heat

Notes & Tips:

  • Compression shirts are supposed to be skin tight so expect it to be a snug fit
  • “Easy-wear” tip: Step into the shirt and pull it up like a dress
  • Order the black version if you want it to look like an ordinary undershirt and for easy laundry (white is hard to keep white)
  • Get the size smaller only if you are sure you want more compressive power
  • The shirt mainly compresses the stomach and mildly for the chest area

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