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Compression Tights Product Review

A compression tight is a compression garment that covers your body from waist down to the feet. They are also popularly known as compression sportswear because they are mostly used by marathon runners, cyclist, wall climbers, & other sports that requires essential leg work. They are similar to compression shorts in construction and function. Made from spandex and / or other fabrics which gives them flexibility and durability. Both provide muscle support, reduce fatigue and friction, and helps you keep cool by wicking away sweat. Compression tights are not gender specific. Even though they can be worn by both men and women, know that some tights are specially made for men or women. For example, compression tights made for men can have more spacing the crotch area. Compression tights can also be tailored for a certain sport like running and cycling.

Types of Compression Tights
There are basically two types of compression tights which are based upon their lengths. One is the ¾ length compression tight, which covers the waist down below the kneecap. The other is the full length or regular compression tight which covers your waist and your whole leg.

Compression Tights Features & Difference from Compression shorts
Compression tights are mainly used by long distance runners to improve muscle recovery by reducing the vibration of the thigh and leg muscles. They are proven to improve muscle strength and endurance because it lessens the energy used due to muscle oscillations. Compression tights also reduce muscle stiffness and soreness. In addition, they provide insulation to your lower body.

Getting the Best Compression Tights
To get the best compression tights, first you have to know which manufacturers or brands produce the best quality. Here are some of the popular and best brands to buy you should consider buying from: 2xu, Cw-x, Nike, Under Armour, Opedix, and Skins. 2XU Mens Elite compression tights are increasingly becoming popular, as well the CW-X and Skins products. It is recommended that you try differenct brands to get a feel for them. They would primarily differ from your personal preference of tightness, texture, and effectiveness.

Secondly, you have to know what features you should look for. Know the target compression areas a compression tight will provide, such as the ankles, knees, and the muscle areas. Durability is next as this gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Price ranges from $20 – $200 for a compression tight. Buying a more costly product that will last longer will save you more money compared to buying a cheaper and less quality one.  Some tights support upper body compression. So if you are looking to buy a compression shirt, you can save more with a whole body compression tight.

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