Compression Shirts For Men

Compression Shirts For Men: Buyer’s Guide

To choose the right compression shirt designed for men, you must know exactly what he needs it for.  Compression shirts can be either of the two types: a body shaping shirt or a sports attire shirt.  Both can be worn as an undergarment; sportswear shirts can be worn as is.

1. Body Shaping Compression Shirts For Flattening Chest and Stomach
If you are looking to shape your body, hide excess skin, or conceal some fat, then these are the shirts for you.  They are usually designed as undershirts and not be noticeable that you are wearing one.  Body shaping shirts target the chest area, abdomen, or both.  They can also support your back and can keep you from slouching.  Some have added padding to further flatten out flab.
See This Shirt That Compresses Both The Chest And Stomach

Compression Shirts For Men With Gynecomastia
These shirts target primarily the chest.  If you have man boobs, male breasts, or just chubby chests, then these are the kind of shirts you should be looking for.  Other name for these shirts are chest binder, manzier, and bro.

Compression Shirts For Men With Belly Fat & Excess Skin
Also known as male girdle or corset shirts, these shirts target the abdomen or the stomach area.  If you have love handles, stomach hernia, or a bulging tummy you want to hide, then these shirts are the answer to your needs.   They can also be used to smooth out any lump on your stomach, or hide excess skin if you had an abdominal surgery like gastric bypass surgery.
Hide Your Excess Skin and Belly Fat With This Shirt.

Top Brands of Compression Undershirts You Should Know

  • Underworks

2. Sportswear Compression Shirts
These are the shirts you want to wear if you want to improve yourself in a physical activity you are doing.  Great for running, gym wear, playing sports, or a workout routine.  Why wear compression shirts rather than the usual sports shirts?  Here are some benefits you can get and what they can do for you:

  • Wicks away moisture from your body and keeps you dry
  • Removes chaffing by eliminating friction between your body and your cloth.
  • Improves your performance and muscle recovery.
  • Look more macho.  Form fitting shirts help you show off your package. 😉

Top Brands of Compression Shirts You Should Know

  • Reebok

Buying Tips

  • If you are buying one for your husband or boyfriend, measure their chest to get the right size for them.
  • Read the reviews of customers who bought before buying
  • Only get the size smaller than your actual size, if you think you need more compression & holding power.
  • Some shirts have color variants, usually in black or white.
  • For sportswear compression shirts, get a v-neck shirt if you want to keep the pressure off your neck.


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