Compression Shirts For Men

Compression Shirts For Men: Buyer’s Guide

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To choose the right compression shirt designed for men, you must know exactly what he needs it for.  Compression shirts can be either of the two types: a body shaping shirt or a sports attire shirt.  Both can be worn as an undergarment; sportswear shirts can be worn as is.

1. Body Shaping Compression Shirts For Flattening Chest and Stomach
If you are looking to shape your body, hide excess skin, or conceal some fat, then these are the shirts for you.  They are usually designed as undershirts and not be noticeable that you are wearing one.  Body shaping shirts target the chest area, abdomen, or both.  They can also support your back and can keep you from slouching.  Some have added padding to further flatten out flab.
See This Shirt That Compresses Both The Chest And Stomach

Compression Shirts For Men With Gynecomastia
These shirts target primarily the chest.  If you have man boobs, male breasts, or just chubby chests, then these are the kind of shirts you should be looking for.  Other name for these shirts are chest binder, manzier, and bro.

Compression Shirts For Men With Belly Fat & Excess Skin
Also known as male girdle or corset shirts, these shirts target the abdomen or the stomach area.  If you have love handles, stomach hernia, or a bulging tummy you want to hide, then these shirts are the answer to your needs.   They can also be used to smooth out any lump on your stomach, or hide excess skin if you had an abdominal surgery like gastric bypass surgery.
Hide Your Excess Skin and Belly Fat With This Shirt.

Top Brands of Compression Undershirts You Should Know

  • Underworks

2. Sportswear Compression Shirts
These are the shirts you want to wear if you want to improve yourself in a physical activity you are doing.  Great for running, gym wear, playing sports, or a workout routine.  Why wear compression shirts rather than the usual sports shirts?  Here are some benefits you can get and what they can do for you:

  • Wicks away moisture from your body and keeps you dry
  • Removes chaffing by eliminating friction between your body and your cloth.
  • Improves your performance and muscle recovery.
  • Look more macho.  Form fitting shirts help you show off your package. 😉

Top Brands of Compression Shirts You Should Know

  • Reebok

Buying Tips

  • If you are buying one for your husband or boyfriend, measure their chest to get the right size for them.
  • Read the reviews of customers who bought before buying
  • Only get the size smaller than your actual size, if you think you need more compression & holding power.
  • Some shirts have color variants, usually in black or white.
  • For sportswear compression shirts, get a v-neck shirt if you want to keep the pressure off your neck.


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What Is A Compression Shirt?

  • spanx for men cotton compression undershirt v-neck image

Compression shirts are skin tight and form shaping garments.  They are made from elasticized materials, such as spandex, in combination with other kinds of synthetic and natural fabrics. These results to a comfortable, durable, and tight fit apparel.  You can readily find and buy one online.

See this search for compression shirts

There are two types of compression shirts. The common type is used as sportswear. If you are an athlete or sports enthusiast, wearing one will help draw sweat away from your body and in turn help you keep cool and dry. Likewise, it will help you to lessen muscle and body fatigue without getting sore or have any skin irritation.

The other type is for body shaping and health purposes. They are also known as men’s girdle shirt, men’s corset and body shaper shirts. They are primarily used to hide bulging parts of the body. Like the chest and stomach area. A compression shirt can help you bind your chest especially if you have gynecomastia, also known as man boobs, male breasts, and man breasts,. These shirts are also recommended for men who have stomach hernia or have undergone surgery, and need to hide bulging parts within their midsection. They can be used as an undergarment or undershirt allowing you to wear them all day. These shirts can also provide back support to help you stay erect, prevent slouching, and reduce back ache.

Types, Styles, & Designs

Compression shirts come in various styles. Color ranges that are commonly available are black, red, blue, white, grey, and other color combinations. These shirts can be a long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless, turtle-necks, and tank top. They can be worn as is or as an undergarment.

Popular and Trusted Brands

Here is a list of brands that sell compression shirts & garments:

  • Under Armour
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • UnderWorks
  • Reebok
  • Henley
  • Spanx
  • Hanes
  • 2XU
  • Skins
  • McDavid
  • Easton
  • Morris Designs
  • NouVelle Compression Garments
  • Advanced Bio-Technologies
  • Enell
  • Wear-With-All
  • Sweat It Out

Before buying a compression shirt, you need to know where you are going to use it for because not all compression shirts are the same. Some are specifically made for athletes or sports enthusiasts; some are for body shaping and health purposes. Check the shirt if it will only compress a body part such as your chest or stomach, or an over-all upper body compression. Also make sure if it is for normal wear or to be used as an under garment only. Whatever type you may be buying, always aim for durability, comfortability, and compare compression shirt prices as much as possible. Prices varies and ranges from $20 to $200+ for compression shirts according to their functions and features.

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Best Compression T Shirt For Gynecomastia

  • compression t shirt gynecomastia image

Looking for a compression t shirt that can effectively hide your gynecomastia problems? I found a top-of-the-line product that “fits” the job and made especially for extreme chest binding. This t shirt is a bit pricey but worth it because the shirt can be worn as is and looks like an ordinary shirt. No more baggy shirts or heavy clothing just to flatten those man-boobs! Aside from hiding moobs, it also helps pulls in the gut when worn.

See This Compression T Shirt For Gynecomastia.

Note that compression clothes are supposed to be form fitting so expect it to be tight. At first, it may be uncomfortable to wear (especially during a hot summer day). But they are still wearable due to their microfiber / spandex material that keeps you dry by wicking sweat away from your body.
If it is your first time buying a compression shirt, order the actual shirt size you usually wear. Only get the size smaller if you are sure you want more compressive power.


  • Feel good and look good. Boosts your confidence
  • Promotes better body posture
  • Moisture wicking technology
  • UV protection with SPF 50 rating
  • Layers of powernet that greatly binds your chest
  • Flattens stomach & love handles
  • Looks like a spandex shirt only
  • Used by females cosplaying as males. Turns C Cup sizes down to A cup.
  • Holds in the stuff you don’t want others to see.
  • Fabric is soft and comfortable.
  • Made in the U.S.A


  • Somewhat expensive.
  • Tight fit (needs getting used to).
  • Constricts under the arm after wearing for some time.
  • Difficult to put on.
  • Compression to the stomach is less than the compressive power for the chest.
  • Bottom part of the shirt can “roll up”. (Solution: Tuck your shirt or use shirt stays)

Get This Compression T Shirt For Gynecomastia

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